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Explore With Aslan


A mix of cultures, foods, languages, and wonderful people all come together to make this continent what it is.  Africa provides a surreal experience, bestowing a sensory explosion of the sound of ceremonial tribal drums, the pounding of the wildebeest trampling the ground during migration, and the feel of the fresh air whilst hiking one of the great peaks.



Asia boasts the prominent Himalayan mountains, the Burj Khalifa, the Great Wall of China, the City of Petra, and the Forbidden City to name a few. Asia has several unique features to offer, from physical landmarks mentioned, hundreds of unique languages, colorful cultures, unique religions, and unimaginable foods and flavors.


Europe is home to many prominent countries, oceans and seas, including the largest country in the world, Russia. Europe has a mysterious, medieval allure due to its history, ancient landmarks, crumbling and preserved old buildings and castle ruins, the Vatican City, and more, all inviting you to come in and experience their stories and unravel the enigma that is Europe. 

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