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Our Mission

As Aslan Adventure Tours & Travel, we pride ourselves in ensuring that all our customer tourism products and unique travel needs and expectations are met. We are committed to fostering relationships that enhance the local communities and our home planet through sustainable tourism development; human development, environmental conservation, and economic empowerment.

Our goals in the pursuit of sustainability include

  • To minimize negative environmental, social, and cultural impacts such as pollution, carbon emissions, endangerment of wildlife, the exploitation of resources, and more.

  • To maximize positive impact on the local community such as improving employment opportunities and working conditions, supporting local community projects, and ensuring that the economic and social benefits of tourism reach, and remain in the host community.

  • To protect the rights of children

  • To provide access to people with different physical abilities.


Our Policy

Aslan Adventure Tours and Travel Ltd. is committed to promoting sustainability in the local and international tourism sector by engaging in sustainable travel practices. Aslan is equally encouraging an equivalent outcome from airlines, hoteliers, tour leaders, tour guides/drivers, and individual tourists. Through correct education, planning, and action, we can fulfill our responsibility to respect and protect our natural environment, traditions, and cultures. We are dedicated to continually improving our sustainability performance with the full support and participation of our staff.

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