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Safari Guidelines 

Aslan Adventure recognizes the vital role the tourism industry has to play in sustaining and improving the environment. We understand that if sustainability is not practiced it will lead to the depletion of natural resources, affecting future generations and our planet. Therefore, we have put together these guidelines to minimize negative impacts.

Guidelines for a good safari

  • Adhere to all Game Park & Conservancies rules & regulations.

  • The recommended distance to keep between yourself and the wildlife is 20 meters, hence refrain from approaching animals too closely.

  • In order to minimize disturbance to animals, do not make loud noises during game drives.

  • Do not feed the wild animals.

  • Leave the environment cleaner than you found it, do not litter, and pick up any trash in your surrounding area.

  • We encourage you to support the local community and artisans by buying hand-crafted souvenirs.

  • Do not buy or trade for, any illegal animal products or animals e.g. Ivory, shells, etc.

  • Do not pick plants and flowers.

  • As a courtesy ask before you take a picture of someone.

  • Wear neutral colors as animals notice bright colors, which can distract them or lead them to relocate.

  • Look after your valuables, theft is not common on safaris, however for your own peace of mind we encourage you to watch over your phone, wallet, passport, camera, etc. when you're not in your vehicle.

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