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5 Visa Free African Destinations for Kenyans

Kenyan citizens may not have won the passport lottery as many countries require Kenyans to apply to consulates for visas. This represents a major barrier to traveling abroad as a Kenyan. However, being a Kenyan passport holder grants you visa-free entry to 39 countries to several African countries. This may be something to take advantage of. Here are Aslan's picks for the best African countries to travel to:

1. South Africa

The Rainbow Nation just recently waived visa requirements for Kenyan citizens. This is excellent news for you as there are at least 2 flights daily from Nairobi. As a country, South Africa offers a plethora of options to enjoy your holiday. Choose from safaris, beach getaways, city life, or explore the mountains.

Expert Tip: Garden Route

Travel down this scenic route, via a car rental, bus, or motorcycle, which allows you to see diverse landscapes and towns of South Africa. You are guaranteed scenic cliffs, white beaches, unforgettable whale watching, delicious food, and more.

2. Mauritius

Renowned for the warm Indian Ocean waters and the beautiful beaches, it would be a shame not to visit for your next holiday. Rest assured of finding a way there as there are numerous flights from Nairobi every week. Mauritius isn't only known for its beaches; You can check out the waterfalls, spas, nature reserves, and water activities.

Expert Tip: Azuri Village

For an experience that blends in a little mix of less crowds, scenic beaches, and the local culture, this is your best bet. Whether you stay at a villa or a resort you will have a whole experience of the island.

3. Namibia

Situated in Southern Africa, the country is blessed with diverse natural resources. There is a lot to do in this beautiful country. You may want to explore desert safaris, national parks, towns, beaches, and more.

Expert Tip: Walvis Bay

The city lies on the Atlantic and is overflowing with marine attractions. You can choose to watch dolphins, hang out by the beach, eat delicious seafood, or explore the sand dunes at this incredible destination.

4. Senegal

Nestled on the Atlantic coast of West Africa, the country has recently become a gem for European tourists. There are 3 to 4 connecting flights that leave Nairobi weekly. The local attractions include national parks, lakes, surfing, historical sites, and more.

Expert tip: St. Louis

As the first city in the country, the coastal northern hotspot provides breathtaking architecture and history. Make sure to visit the beaches and stay in the old town to get a grasp of the beauty of this unforgettable destination.

5. Ghana

Famous for the Gold Coast, Ghana is an incredible country to visit on holiday. As a destination, it is rich with history, safaris, culture, food, music, and more. The country has several connections through multiple African cities weekly.

Expert tip: Kumasi

The city is the center of history and Ashanti culture close to the rainforest region of Ghana. A stop at this destination offers a chance to visit and immerse yourself in culture through museums, tours, and open-air markets.

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