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Essentials to carry on safari!

Packing for any trip can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, Aslan Adventure is here to help. Through over twenty years of experience in the safari industry, you will be ready for your next safari adventure. Enough of the shameless plugging this is what our experts recommend for you to take on your next safari:


Before you go on your safari, having the right gear will enhance your experience. Even though you currently may not have these items, investing in these items will make your trip even more pleasurable. Your guide may provide gear such as binoculars, so make sure to check with your safari provider beforehand. Go ahead and pack the following:


Outlet adapter (Type G for Kenya)

Power bank




Small backpack

Reusable water bottle


Dressing in the African savannah is primarily about practicality and function. One rule is to wear neutral colors to not perturb animal behavior or attract unwanted attention from wildlife. Also remember, temperatures during the day do get very high. As a result wear lightweight, breathable clothing which will prevent perspiration and keep you cool throughout the day. In the evening, the temperatures may fall therefore you may need to put on a few layers.


Lightweight cotton base layers

Plenty of breathable tops


Lightweight Rain Jacket

Comfortable pants

Hiking socks

Waterproof shoes

Travel Kit/Toiletries Pack

It’s the little things that may cost your comfort during the trip. You may need medications or something that will put you at ease. Here are our suggestions on what to pack in your travel pack:

Sun protection

Insect repellent


First Aid Kit

Rehydration Salts

Anti-Malaria Medication


What not to carry

There are some big NOs when you are on safari. These may be due to rules and regulations such as plastic bags not being allowed in National Parks. Other such as using environmentally friendly products is part of our value-driven commitment to cause no harm to our home planet:

Plastic bags and bottles


Hardcase suitcases (for domestic flights and safari vehicles)

Bright clothes

Camouflage pattern clothes

We hope this helps you be more prepared for your next safari! Enjoy!

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