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Discovering Diani beach!

Diani is a beautiful coastal town in Kenya, known for its stunning beaches and various outdoor activities. Here are some things you can do while you are in Diani.

1. Diving in Diani:

Along its stunning coastline, Kenya boasts exceptional dive sites that attract divers from all over the world. Diani Beach, in particular, offers several dive schools such as diving the crab at Nomads, Diani Marine, and Ocean Tribe which cater to experienced divers seeking to explore beyond the reef and encounter marine life like whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, rays, and even humpback whales. Beginner divers can select from introductory taster sessions or pursue formal PADI certifications.

2. Colobus Conservation:

A guided tour of the forest, where a troop of Colobus Monkeys resides, is a must-visit at the Diani Beach Colobus Conservation Center. These long-tailed black and white monkeys are a sight to behold, and visitors can learn about their endangered status and the conservation efforts undertaken by Colobus Conservation to safeguard them from threats such as poaching and road accidents. Besides Colobus monkeys, the conservation center is home to vervet, Sykes, and baboons, making it a paradise for monkey enthusiasts.

3. Ride a camel:

A trip to Diani isn’t complete without a camel ride along the beach. The kids and adults love it too. It is a little scary when it lowers itself down to the ground but it is a fantastic experience. Pay 500 bob / 5 USD for 15 minutes – you’ll find the camel guy all along the beach as he walks the entire length throughout the day.

4. Kite surfing:

Diani Beach is full of kite surfers, it is the perfect place for water sports lovers. With shallow waters and consistent winds, Diani is one of the best places to kitesurf and learn to kitesurf in Kenya. Hop over to H20 Extreme at Kenyaways or Quest Kitesurfing at Diani Sea Lodge.

5. Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest:

This forest, sacred to the Digo people, is the only one of the area's sacred forests open to visitors. Visiting this small grove is a nature walk, a historical journey, and a cultural experience. As you make your way across tangled roots and chunks of ancient coral, the guide points out various plants used in traditional medicine, and there's the chance to transmit your fears and worries to an ancient tree by hugging it.

6. Visit Kongo River:

The Kongo River flows into the Indian Ocean. The flat still waters are stunning with little sandbars and shallow pools. Due to the amazing conditions provided by the Kongo River, it is the only place you can surf in Kenya. The waves season starts in May and ends in October. There is also a 16th-century Kongo Mosque which is the last remaining ancient Swahili structure in Diani. If you enjoy sundowners this is the perfect place for you!

7. Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park (Home of the Dolphins):

Kisite has about 250 recorded fish species, 70 resident dolphins, and over 140 cataloged individuals, sea turtles, whales, 56 genera of corals, seagrass, and gastropods. Many seabirds in large nesting colonies and internationally significant numbers of roseate terns and crab-plover. You can go on a dolphin tour and see loads of Dolphins playfully swimming around.

With all that being said Diani is a beautiful place filled with great beaches, activities, and culture. It is a must-see when you are in Kenya.

With all that being said Diani is a beautiful place filled with great beaches, activities, and culture. It is a must-see when you are in Kenya.


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